It is vital to have a strong sales team for your business entity to succeed in your business. They are the person who takes the responsibilities of making sales, expanding your business and retaining existing customers. They are the “live-transmitters” of the core values of your company. They act as a “bridge” between company management and the customers/ clients. Salespeople also contribute to establishing new relationships and retaining the old ones. 

A Sales Engineer (SE) acts as same as any other salesperson but they’re distinguished by their techno-understanding. They know the technical details of a product. Hence, they are capable of explaining the technical specifications and functions of products which they can effectively communicate to the potential customers/ clients. Quite often people see no difference between the roles of product management and that of sales engineering. While the former takes care of sales channels, the later facilitate in individual sales to customers. To succeed, an excellent Sales Engineers need to have acumen in the fields of commerce, management, and technology.

Why your Sales Engineers Need Training?

Before becoming a sales engineer these professionals used to have the skills and experience of a conventional engineer. When they join a sales force, they need to have in-depth knowledge of a typical salesperson. In addition to their technical know-how, they need to be trained with marketing, sales, networking with great business acumen and interpersonal skills.

Technology plays a key role in today’s life. In keeping pace with today’s need companies are producing technologically advanced urbane products that require “unique” Sales Engineering skills to sell a product.

Why Do You Need to Improve Your Sales Engineer Training

There are several reasons for the need to improve your sales training program. Most of the sales programs in the market are fails miserably in yielding result. To make your sales engineers the smartest bunch of high-performing professionals. It’s time to relook upon your sales training strategy, content, and procedure. Evaluate the previous training programs; assess the current training requirement of SEs, and review the effectiveness of the Training Organizations engaged by you.

You need to improve your sales engineer training because of the following reasons:

  • Most sales training programs are not customized
  • Not catering to the exact requirements
  • Content of the training is outdated
  • Poor training methodology used
  • Boring training sessions by the trainers
  • Trainers lacking the latest developments and innovations in the sales field

How to Improve Sales Engineer Training with Outsell

In most of the companies, the sales personnel are often trained with selling general products. With the advancement in science and technology, the products are also getting complex in its configuration and application. New innovative products are getting launched now and then. To satisfy the greed of the HNWIs (High Net-Worth Individuals) companies are creating specialized-high-end products. To sale these products, it is mandatory to have adequate technical, marketing, and networking skills. 

Unfortunately, most of the sales engineer training programs end with failure. You must be baffling at chalking-out faults in your sales engineer training programs. Many of you must have tried various top-class Sales Engineer Training Organizations. Why did you fail in imparting right kind of training to your sales engineers? The reason is wasting your time and money on such trainings which are outdated, unscientific, and unproductive.

Considering this necessity, LetsOutsell (a.k.a. Outsell) has come up with tailor-made training programs for sales engineers. Given below are some of the most pertaining points on how you can improve such training programs. 

Outsell is a renowned brand in imparting customized, objective-oriented Training Programs for Sales Engineers which are highly flexible, high-tech, and effective. With in-built Content Management System, top-class in-house experts, research-wing, and constant updating & up-gradation of courses as per the changes happening in the sales world. 

But, How To Improve Sales Training Performance of your Sales Engineers with Outsell? Read through the different ways given below, by following which you can drastically improve your SE Training. SE training with Outsell would enable you to:-

  • Sell Extraordinary High-End products

Selling High-End products which are characterized by state-of-the-art technology, high cost, and designed for specified prospects. Outsell make it possible for the manufacturing companies to sell high-value products and get engaged with improved customer conversations. Outsell makes it happen by imparting training to convey product information, competitive advantages, application notes, financial RoI to the potential customers. At the same time, the trained sales engineers facilitate the management to get a better insight into the sales promptness of the company through powerful analytics. 

With Outsell, your sales personnel will be able to learn in-depth product knowledge that helps them to be prepared to sell your products in any selling condition. When you are selling high-end products, a well-trained sales engineering team allows the management to strive for higher revenue, market share, and expanded territory. 

  • Display Your Uniqueness

Your sales engineers will be trained by Outsell on how to pitch your product differently. They need to place your product uniquely in contrast to the products of your competitors. Through customized training, your sales engineers would get a clear understanding of how to focus on narrow niches (specialty for HNWIs) and deliver amazing services. Post-Outsell training they will be competent in articulating the unique selling points of your brand and the products. 

  • Win Trust and Respect

When a Sales Engineer is targeting a specialized and high-end customer he/she should know how to deal with them In most cases, the prospects will have more qualification, proficiency, and know-how on the product that your SE is selling. Sales Engineers can’t match the expertise of a prospect if he/she is an Architect, Doctor, Engineer, or a Scientist. When a customer is an expert in his/her field, SEs needs to pitch your product differently. Hence, to convince such customers, SEs should be intensively trained with critical aspects of your products along with sales etiquettes, and communication. That’s what the crux is…to win the trust and respect from those targeted high-end prospects. Outsell training for SEs capacitates them to achieve this feat.

Through this training, you can gain knowledge of how to integrate and communicate the concealed power of trust and confidence that allow your client to get connected with your product psychologically/ emotionally.

  • Impart Fast-paced, On-the-go-training

Outsell recognizes the advantage of “on-the-go-training”. With help from Outsell, your sales training manager can launch training in hours. The master trainers from Outsell have vast experience, exposure, and expertise in understanding your training need and arrange a quick, crusty, and certified training program at your time, venue, and convenience.  You can improve your sales engineering raining with Outsell by making the best use of their product training, new hire onboarding, and soft skill coaching. You don’t have to alter or reject your current training plan. With customized and need-based content, Outsell would update, upgrade, and up-skill the sales acumen of SEs without upsetting their sales endeavor.

  • Capacitate the SEs to Tackle Customer “Pain Points” Efficiently.

Outsell look at Sales Engineering Training from the customers’ perspectives. To persuade a potential customer SEs should identify their “pain points” and try to address that. Most customers will have “pain points” for a specific product or service. The “pain points” could be their fear, anxiety, or, apprehension concerning a particular product. You have to create a completely different experience for your customers that would convince them about the benefits of your product. SEs should facilitate prospective customers in alleviating their “pain points”.

  • Imbibe ideas, innovations through “Objective-Oriented” Content

Outsell has its own Content Management System (CMS). Your content requirement is different from your competitors. Content used by your company, whatever types it might need to have ‘the signature’ of your company. Both enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM) are done using CMS software application.

Outsell has two functionalities, which the team calls CTC – Content, and Coaching powered by Technology. It employs in-built content management (discovery, access, and share) functionality for the sales force to use in meetings with customers, and providing end-users with role-based access to the organization’s digital assets.

  • Provide multiple learning options

With Outsell, your sales engineering training programs could be conducted with greater flexibility. In the fast-paced world, it is impractical to send the whole sales team for training. Some of the salespeople may be biased away from the company headquarter or regional offices. The level of understanding also differs among sales personnel working with the same designation.

Outsell is open for both in-house and outdoor training events. You can also discuss with Outsell regarding your versatile requirements. You may send a few to their regular training, or ask them to arrange training exclusively for a group of sales engineers, or else you can call them to your premises where they would deliver tailor-made training.

The following learning options are available with Outsell:

  • Online training

We are living in a digital world where technology has facilitated the way we work, think, and get trained. You can’t conduct a physical training program for your SEs. Considering the working life of highly mobile sales engineers, Outsell offers Online Sales Engineer Training. Through Online Training Outsell can impart training at flexible time schedules. Sales Engineers can take these training at their availability and convenience. Outsell makes the best use of Skype, Videos, Podcasts, and emails for imparting training at the very nominal cost involved.

  • In-field training

Based on your explicit requirement, Outsell organizes In-field Training which is highly practical oriented. You have to take your sales engineers for in-field training irrespective of whether their theoretical training was conducted physically or through the Online.

  • Classroom Training

Teaching and training methodologies are changing in various ways. Although many modern training experts are critical of the age-old Classroom Training, it still has that luster when it comes to theoretical training. Outsell makes sure that these class-room training programs are highly interesting, interactive, and intimating. With the use of modern training equipment and gadgets, classroom training is proved to be effective.  

  • In-person workshops

Outsell recognizes your organizational need for short-term In-person workshops. Although all of your sales engineers should have a basic standardized understanding still they need to be trained with specific kind of training as per the products they deal, territories they cover, and customer base they target. Short in-person workshops are regarded as very effectual in delivering training to particular senior-level sales engineering personnel. It is very effective when you are going to lead a specific sales project or before launching a big sales campaign. Outsell imparts executive-level In-person training workshops as per your exact requirement and specification. 


Sales mean success! An efficient Sales Team establishes customer/client relationship and “transmits” the USPs of your product and company. They are very instrumental in managing the “deviations” between the “existing value” of your products/ services and the “expected value” of the prospects. Sales Engineers are a segment of your sales workforce that helps you to market your technical-high-end-exclusive products.

Sales engineers play a pivotal role in the sales process. They can deal with sophisticated, technology-based on complicated products. With their technical expertise, SEs can “broadcast” the values of your products to prospective customers. They can win the trust of the prospects by explaining the nitty-gritty of technicality in products to be sold.

Considering such immense importance of Sales Engineering Team, companies like yours tend to arrange regular training programs to enhance their capacity and hone their skills. Several players are operating in the market to impart Sales Engineer Training. But Outsell has created its mark in the field of high-class sales engineer training. They are treated as a pioneer brand to improve the Sales Engineer Training Programs of companies all across the world. You can take the opportunity to engage them for all of your Sales Engineer Training needs. Their experience, exposure, and expertise in this field will be reflected in your SEs if your SE Training is conducted by them. Outsell knows it very well how to outsell others!!!

The bottom line is: To build a high-power Sales Engineering Team you need to Improve Your Sales Engineer Training with Outsell.