B2B sales has become extremely challenging over the years. The customer has evolved, according to CEB, there are 5+strategic decisions makers involved in a typical buying decision at a large enterprise. Sirius Decisions says 63% of sales people fail to meet targets due to improper training and inability to find the right content at the right time.

Ma Foi Strategic Consultants, a leading consulting firm with 25+ years of operating in India, today announced a partnership with Outsell-a multiple award-winning sales enablement technology company to enhance sales productivity of B2B sales reps in mid and large enterprise in India.

The partnership will allow enterprises to

  1. Digitally onboard new sales hires:

New sales reps hired at any geography can now be given a structured 60 – 90-day on boarding plan with the aim of shortening their ramp up time. Weekly monthly milestones would be assigned, progress measured and corrective actions can be taken.


  1. On- demand access to all Sales material:

One of the most important ways of convincing a customer that the product or service is valuable is to offer them data, not drawn from memory, but actual facts and figures. Outsell will allow standardized access to all required sales collaterals that sales reps can refer before, during or after customer meetings. They can show or send proposals, case studies, data sheets, price list etc. without having to wait – thus improving productivity in the field.


  1. Great e-learning content, mobile enabled:

Ma Foi has had great success stories in creating custom, game based e-learning content for Manufacturing, BFSI and Technology companies. All modules can be created and accessed by customer sales reps through the Outsell platform. New product launches and reinforcement of knowledge gets standardized.


  1. Precise Analytics for Executive Decision with Outsell’s analytical back end:

L&D /Sales Training Managers can now find individual productivity metrics, see which of their content is most effective, identify high performers and laggards, session time, knowledge levels etc. can be mapped and confidence of sales reps can be measured.


  1. Making it Fun:

Outsell is structurally gamified and uses game narratives and mechanics like progress, awards, digital currency, leader boards, badges etc. to make the experience fun for sales reps. It allows for increased adoption and drives engagement.


Speaking about this partnership, Sandeep Dahiya, CEO, Ma Foi Strategic Consultants, said “Today’s millennial sales reps are very different from their predecessors. The way they consume content has changed too. Our partnership with Outsell will help us enable this new, young sales force be better at their work. And provide a higher value add to our clients”


Raj Dam, Founder of Outsell said “Outsell follows the “Just for Me, Just Enough, Just Now” philosophy when it comes to Product Knowledge and Sales Skills. Our partnership with Ma Foi will help us serve our customers in a holistic manner across all functions of Human Capital Management.”


About Ma Foi

Ma Foi Strategic Consultants Private Limited (Ma Foi Strategy) is an amalgamation of consulting, technology, analytics, and education services. Ma Foi group has proven track record of providing consulting services for a wide range of industry and sector covering manufacturing, retail and distribution, healthcare, hospitality, franchisee business, health and beauty, education and vocational training, real estate and construction among others. Ma Foi strategy group’s services extends across the length and breadth of an organizational strategy, technology and operations requirements to derive meaningful information from data, evolve them into actionable strategy and assist them in effectively implement the same. Promoted by serial entrepreneurs Mr. K Pandiarajan, Mrs. Latha Rajan and industry veterans, Mr. V Sunder and Satyakam Mohanty, Ma Foi Strategic Consultants was founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Chennai and offices in Bangalore, New Delhi, Madurai and Coimbatore. For more details, please visit mafoistrategy.com  or reach out to garima@mafoistrategy.com.


About Outsell

Outsell is a multiple award-winning sales enablement technology company that helps sales reps be more effective in every customer conversation. Outsell’s enablement platform is used by 5000 + sales reps across Manufacturing, BFSI and Technology sectors every day to enhance their knowledge and skills. Outsell uses a combination of gamification, mLearning, analytics, real time sales content access, in-field updates etc to enhance sales performance. Outsell is headquartered in Bangalore with offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Toronto. For more details, please visit www.letsoutsell.com or reach out to Miraj Vora at miraj.vora@letsoutsell.com and 91-98364 41843