Sales, being one of the most crucial skills in today’s world, holds so much value. With everything available on the internet and 67% of the buying done through digital modes, it is easier for the sellers to have notions that buyers don’t want to listen to the adeptness of the sellers. And this belief holds back sales reps to not talk about a particular product when approached by a buyer. Concerning this, we are going to talk about fifteen such myths of sales training. 

  1. Buyers don’t want to listen from sellers.

As the research shows that 57% of buying decision is absolute before the buyer calls and 67% of the buying is done digitally today, various sellers conclude that customers don’t want or need to converse with them during the early process of buying, which is wrong! Customers do wish to listen from sellers and they want it early in the buying process. Studies show that 82% of customers wouldn’t mind meeting the sellers before they take the call to purchase.

We at Outsell, provide substantial training and coaching to your sales representatives which can help them gain insights as how to educate your customers with prospective. This will enable your sales reps to efficiently educate their clients about a specific product and how they can offer new products to their client.

  1. Traditional sales training has gone obsolete.

Business organisations are peppered with so much exposure and new approaches to selling that they fail to realize that most of these applications are old and basics of sales training. The foundation of the basics of a salesperson needs to be strong enough, no matter how adverse change there has been in the buying and selling market. And that is one quality which makes a sales rep competent enough to thrive in the market.

Outsell is one of India’s leading providers of online sales reps training. We are adept in training your sales people for them to establish an affinity with their prospects. Our services are used by more than 5000 sales reps across the country.

  1. Sales training is not worth the cost.

The reality of this myth is exactly the opposite. Continuous studies have shown that companies who invest in sales training experience better ROI for their organisation. When a company invests in sales training, they are investing in resources which further help them to do their job effectively and efficiently. This boosts the level of confidence in sales representatives which ultimately results in converting leads to sales.

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  1. Top sellers don’t need training. 

Wrong! One should never stop learning and brush up their skills on a day to day basis. The world is changing and so is the market. Sellers must be updated with the market. Top sellers are aware of the fact that if they don’t hone their skills regularly, they will struggle just like anyone else. However, it is equally important for top sellers to be tailored according to their unique needs.

We at Outsell, continuously strive to train sales reps with upgraded selling tools and techniques. We make them learn the art of negotiation skills to secure a demo to your clients and where and how to make use of this skill.

  1. It is not an effective way to improve employee productivity.

A study by the American Society for Training and Development has shown that companies which continuously invests in the training program, witness 50% higher net sales per employee, 40% increased gross profit per employee and increase in market to book value by 20%. The same study has found that top companies spend 6% of payroll on learning, train almost 90% of their employees during a year.

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  1. Classroom training is the best approach.

When a sales team multiplies in terms of generational, cultural, geographical, experiential aspects, classroom training struggles to do the job for a larger sampling audience. Research over the course of time has shown that a combination of classroom, coaching, self-learning, most favourable for many situations.

  1. It can be done by own without the help of a trainer.

It is no brainer that the best sales team of an organisation are closely coached by sales trainer. A sales trainer helps to instil soft skills, knowledge of product and technology in sales reps. This method of learning not only motivates the sales reps to achieve short term goals efficiently but also to focus on the long term goal of the organisation. An experienced sales trainer analyses the measures of current skills level of each salesperson and where they need to be. Sales trainer helps sales reps with two main sales skills. One being functional skills which involves product knowledge, educating the client with prospective, understanding client needs. And the other being technical skills which mainly encompasses information management, research and planning. 

Again, Outsell can help supply the online training programs which are exceptional, to your sales reps. It is vital for every sales rep to improve their technical knowledge, product knowledge to information management, resource planning and ultimately to problem solving.

  1. Executives and Managers don’t require to attend.

Again, wrong! In the selling process, both the manager and the executive are closely involved. So they must be familiar with selling skills. They need to take an active part in the sales support structure to make others believe that training is so important that even seniors attend it attentively. An executive and manager must provide proper coaching and guidance.

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  1. It may not deliver the required results.

Sales training can deliver highly beneficial results to industry, provided the training is tailored according to that client’s and company’s requirement. Organisations experiencing good competition, sales training can attain substantial benefits. Sales training should be customized according to the needs of the client. Customized training boosts the effectiveness of training which further enhances the efficiency of the trainee. At Outsell, we provide the best of the best sales training program to the manufacturing industries.

  1. Hiring salespeople is better than training.

Again, salespeople who are experts in selling can derive immense organisational goals if they are trained again. This is because they are already well equipped with knowledge of sales training. This makes them capable of instantly understanding the new concepts and techniques which can be successfully implemented. Every experienced person needs a coach according to their profession. Learning and growing both professionally and personally is a continuous process and that can hardly be achieved without the help of a coach, self-improvement and self-analysis. 

You need to establish a top-notch sales knowledge base with proper presentations, brochures, etc so that information is easily available to your sales reps. This, in return, helps your already trained sales reps to talk about the product more fluently and confidently.

Outsell is one of the best sales reps training firms based in India. They are best known for their unique approach to product training. With their online training programs, it makes it convenient for your  sales reps to be the top ones in the market.

  1. A motivational speaker is a sales trainer.

A motivational speaker doesn’t even come close to be defined as a sales trainer. Motivation doesn’t solve the root cause of sales ineffectiveness. They aren’t the right fit in sales position because of not having a practical selling methodology. An effective sales trainer enhances the sales person’s skills and the ground of understanding. It again helps to polish and brush up already existing skills and learn new techniques. And a motivational speaker cannot do anything mentioned above. A motivational experience can never be the same as an actual sales training program. Motivation is something which is there for a short period and does not last long. But motivating salespeople with the newest sales techniques can boost the overall effectiveness of the organisation, resulting in attaining long term organisational goals.

We at Outsell acknowledge that research and planning are the two main factors of a business. Thus, our sales reps training’s main focus is to educate each sales rep about every essential functional and technical skills including research and planning and ways to implement them to solve problems.

  1. Generic sales training doesn’t work.

“Generic sales training doesn’t work”, this statement holds true to some extent only. General sales training might now work in a few cases but when you are being trained by a personal sales coach, they won’t provide you with general training. An experienced sales trainer’s job is to patiently listen to the unique circumstances you or your team find themselves in. they will provide inputs and insights from their past experiences gathered from salespeople out of your industry. The buying and selling market is full of competition these days and if your organisation is unsure of how to handle such competition, a sales coach can help you train for this situation.

  1. All sales training covers the same basics.

Sales are of different types and different sales need different selling techniques. The success of business vastly depends upon how effective and efficient sales team is working. They understand different sales have a different way of approach. In a complex selling environment, sales training covers the subject of organizational knowledge, product knowledge, selling strategy skills, industry awareness, sales support, team selling and complex sales processes. 

We at Outsell, constantly try to make your sales reps adaptive to the new tricks of business. Our programs majorly focuses on teaching sales reps about the basic fundamentals of problem solving. On-the-job training helps sales reps to gain new insights and makes them a great problem solver. 

  1. Saving money by doing sales training on own.

Constructive sales training includes an introductory analysis of the needs of a salesperson and management. When you are refraining yourself from investing money on a sales coach, you are directly forcing your organisational needs to fail. A sales coach determines the organisational needs, the content of the program and structure the knowledge to motivate salespeople. And moreover, time and again it has been shown that salespeople implement successful sales techniques and ideas established by a coach rather than the managers. Hence, it is essential to put your money on a coach who can customize and motivate sales reps to hone their sales skills with the basic techniques.

With Outsell, your sales reps become much stronger in execution of projects. Our effective online training programs qualify your sales reps to perform their best every time they are on a call with a client.

  1. The results of sales training are invisible to the eyes.

Well, there might be instances where sales training fails. But we need to understand that the reason behind such failures is mostly due to flawed content, lack of motivation, and mismatch with organisational needs. If in the beginning, a proper objective with strategy is formed, and then the training is planned to supply sales tools and sales process for these objectives, sales training can be successful and show specific results and outcomes. A program of study that surrounds practical solutions for everyday realities is found to be more fruitful to the sales reps. 

Companies can shy away from spending money on training but this is a small price to pay when it comes to the overall ROI. If the right training session is provided, your salespeople will come out smarter about new techniques learned by them. They will be aware of what they need to focus more to close deals and they will be more motivated to work during the workdays.

At Outsell, we help manufacturing companies sell high value products and provide better customer conversations. Our programs are structured in such a way that we ensure sales and service reps are effectively trained, to convey information, application notes, competitive advantages, financial ROI to customers while at the same time, allowing the management to gain insights on sales readiness of the company through well sought analytics.

We simplify the learning process about product knowledge on the go to the sales reps, so that they are ready for any selling situation beforehand.